Lace your shoes like you would with conventional laces, don’t worry about any hardware or add ons.  Transform your shoes to slip ons, and never waste time tying knots or worrying about laces getting loose.


Our elastic technology allows your shoes to stretch and compress with the movement of your foot.  This reduces impact pressure and promotes healthier blood flow to your feet.


Feel your shoes adapt to your movements and maintain the ideal tension throughout your day.

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Posted by Caterpy Singapore Pte Ltd on Sunday, April 16, 2017
Caterpy Laces are a performance no tie shoelace with elastic bumps that provides adjustable tension between eyelets, and designed to enhance a broad range of shoes! Insert your Caterpy Laces as you would with traditional shoelaces (no need for hardware or add ons), set your tension to your comfort, and never worry about tying your shoelaces again!

What our customers say

I am a 60-year-old woman and I havenʼt been able to tie my shoelace since my illness. CATERPY LACES helps me a lot. I enjoy walking every day. I really want to recommend this to many people of my generation.


My 9-year-old son often gets annoyed with his shoelaces during a soccer match because they get loose easily. Now we are happy with CATERPY LACES and I bought them again once he had outgrown his last pair.

Kelvin Yeo

I replaced my high tops shoelaces with CATERPY LACES. Thank goodness! It is so much easier to slip on and off.

Caren Tan

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